Padlock Removable Bollard Low Traffic (Code: )

Padlocked Removable Bollards - DB90/RLT and DB140/RLT

Our padlock controlled, removable bollards offer a simple and effective approach to controlling vehicle access. The bollards feature two components:

  • a sleeve which is concreted in-ground and,
  • the stem which slots into the sleeve, and is secured to the sleeve by padlock
Two sizes:

The bollards are available in two different sizes. The 90mm diameter bollard is ideal for most light vehicle applications, whilst the heavier duty 140mm diameter bollard is more suited to heavy vehicle applications (such as loading docks or freight yards).

Two styles of sleeve:

To cater for a variety of vehicle applications we offer two styles of sleeve.

Low traffic:

The DB90/RLT bollard and sleeve have been designed for low traffic volumes, ie pedestrian and occasional light vehicle movements. It features the convenience of a 'flip-top' lid that simply folds down over the sleeve when the stem is not required. When the stem is in place, the lid helps secure the bollard and stem together.

High traffic:

For environments with any type of heavy or frequent traffic, we would strongly recommend, for superior durability and longevity, using one of our bollards with a high traffic sleeve (DB90/RHT or DB140/RHT). Drawing from experience, frequent traffic movements over the low traffic 'flip-top' style sleeve, will eventually break the lid away from the sleeve, rendering the bollard useless. To cater for this, we have designed a sleeve that has no critical moving components that are exposed to the forces exerted by vehicle tyres.The sleeve features a locking mechanism that slides back into the sleeve when not in use, protecting it from wear and tear. The high traffic sleeve is supplied complete with a galvanised steel sleeve plug that covers the hole whilst traffic and pedestrians pass over. A lifting key for the plug is also supplied to make removal of the plug easy.

Other features:

Lifting handles ensure easy removal

  • Minimum 4.0mm steel wall thickness provides excellent protection
  • Effective, economical locking mechanism
  • 320mm deep in-ground, steel sleeve for extra security
  • Highly visible, safety yellow powdercoat finish as standard (other colours on request)
  • Post holders and hangers available for storing posts when idle
  • Options include chain attachment rings and roller door clamps
Model number Traffic volume Diameter Sleeve depth Above-ground height Stem weight
DB90/RLT Low 90mm 320mm 940mm 9kg
DB140/RLT Low 140mm 320mm 940mm 24kg
Optional accessories:
Part No. Accessory
DB90/BH2 Bollard hanger for 2 units
DB90/BH3 Bollard hanger for 3 units
DB90/RSLL Extra sleeve, low traffic
DB90/SSB Bolt-down sleeve for storage
DB140/RSL Extra sleeve, 140mm bollard
DB140/SSB Bolt-down sleeve for storage




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