Collapsible Padlocked Bollard (Code: )

Collapsible Bollard - Padlocked

Part No: BDC800/P

Our collapsible bollard has been designed to help control vehicle access to restricted areas. The 150mm wide face, yellow powdercoat finish and 800mm high stem gives a highly visible deterrent that can be customised with a variety of labels.

When access is required, simply unbolt your padlock and fold the unit down. The bollard sits just 85mm high in the open position.

  • Easy to operate
  • Highly visible
  • In-ground mounting kit available for bitumen installations
  • Padlock Operations
  • Personalised text can be added to your bollard if required. (Please enquire).

Collapsible bollard - padlock operation:

Our collapsible steel bollard can be used for a number of applications including the protection of parking spaces, and access control.

The bollard features a simple but effective locking mechanism that allows the user to padlock the bollard in the upright position (padlock supplied separately, C-section security padlock shown in picture).

The bollard sits 800mm high in the upright position, and with it's wide 150mm face creates a highly visual deterrent against unwanted car parking. Simply unlock and fold down when parking is required.

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